Capper CRP


For over a decade, James Boomgaard has been one of the top Consolidated T.G.capper mechanics in the country but it doesn’t end with just T.G. and C and D frame cappers. 

Although I specialize in Consolidated T.G.and C & D frame cappers I also have extensive experience with U.S. Bottler’s fillers and cappers, Resina cappers and sorters, MRM piston fillers and monoblock filler/ cappers and many more.

I have worked with many Fortune 500 companies and contract packagers as well as small one line start ups.

In today’s economy keeping your lines running efficiently can be the difference in turning a profit or not, as bids get tighter and profit margins shrink even a small amount of down time or rework can kill your bottom line and that’s where I come in.

From a total rebuild to a simple tune up or from an emergency service call to a line evaluation I can meet all of your packaging needs. With experience, efficiency, and attention to detail I can increase production and profitability at half the cost of the competition without giving up the quality work it takes to get your lines running and keep them running efficiently.

Whether you have a breakdown or just a quick question do your bottom line a favor and call me, James Boomgaard, at Capper CPR where we are never bigger than our customers.